Could You be a Victim of Tabloid Phone Hacking?

The hacking of individuals’ mobile telephone messages by the redtop press seems to generate new and more shocking headlines with each passing day. Already the scandal at the ‘News of the World’ has led to the end of the 168 year old title, has claimed the jobs of top police officers and seen the resignations and arrests of former staff of News International. A similar situation is now unfolding at the Daily Mirror.

Alleged tabloid hacking victims have included the murder victim Milly Dowler and the families and friends of British servicemen killed in Afghanistan. However, amid the furore of allegation and counter-allegation it is easy to forget that a large proportion of the many thousands of potential targets of hacking revealed by the various police investigations there have been into the subject are likely to have been ‘ordinary people’, not just celebrities and politicians.

These people are just as entitled to legal redress and compensation for invasion of their privacy (if proven) as the more rich and famous victims of hacking. The judicial inquiry set up by David Cameron, and ongoing police investigations into possible criminal activity at the News of the World and the Daily Mirror, do not stop private individuals bringing civil actions against news organisations for possible breach of their privacy, or misuse of their personal data, arising out of illegal interception of their voicemails.

Simon Burn Solicitors has a strong track record of obtaining generous settlements for hacking victims. Utilising our expertise in media law matters and our particular experience in acting in legal complaints against tabloid newspapers, we are offering advice and assistance to anyone who suspects their phone may have been hacked by the press, but who does not wish to pay exorbitant ‘London rates’ for legal fees to obtain a remedy, including the possibility of fair compensation. We carry out no cost assessments and to date have offered no win no fee agreements in 100% of cases that we have taken on.

Do you think your phone messages may have been hacked into at any time during the last 10 years? Perhaps you have been involved maybe just peripherally in stories covered by the redtops and have seen information in print which could only have come from your mobile phone messages being intercepted without your knowledge or consent? Have you been contacted by Operation Weeting, Pinetree or Golding?

If so, please contact our Simon Burn on 01242 228444 (or at if you prefer!) for further details, and we can start helping you to get justice right away.

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